Drifting Thrill Ride, 4 Laps

Drifting Thrill Ride, 4 Laps

Eastern Creek -  149


Eastern Creek $149
  • 4 laps in a competition drift car
  • 2 cars battle it out
  • Smell the smoke
Deluxe Beer and Snacks Hamper

Deluxe Beer and Snacks Hamper

Australia wide -  99


Australia wide $99
  • 4 James Squire beers
  • Unadulterated pub grub
  • Delivery included
Warbird Aerobatic Flight

Warbird Aerobatic Flight

Rutherford -  350


Rutherford $350
  • Russian YAK52
  • Full introduction
  • 15 minute flight


Sydney $100
  • 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Friendly guides
  • Unique perspective


Melbourne $99
  • 90 minute tour
  • Generous food tastings
  • Market trader food


Sorrento $175
  • Professionally trained crew
  • The dolphins swim alongside
  • Join them in the water


King Street Wharf $95
  • 4-hour cruise
  • 3-course set menu
  • Explosive live Brazilian floor show


Dromana $349
  • 30 minutes of bliss
  • 500 bhp
  • Photo opportunities


Sydney $89
  • 2 laps of thrills
  • Nissan Skyline
  • Safety gear provided


Melbourne $250
  • One-on-one session
  • Exclusive behind the scenes
  • Go from set up to post production


Maroubra $75
  • All gear provided
  • Close to Sydney
  • Expert guidance
Rally Hot Lap Ride

Rally Hot Lap Ride

Avalon -  195


Avalon $195
  • Purpose built cars
  • Full on speed
  • 3 fast laps
Jet Pack and Board Combo

Jet Pack and Board Combo

Kariong -  249


Kariong $249
  • Unique experience
  • Full instruction
  • Guaranteed airtime
Formula Ford 24 Lap Race Day

Formula Ford 24 Lap Race Day

Wanneroo -  595


Wanneroo $595
  • Drive solo
  • Expert tuition
  • 24 laps of thrills


Avalon $345
  • Off road, dirt track
  • 4 familiarisation laps
  • Drive 8 laps, 1 hot lap


Nuriootpa $60
  • Guided demonstration
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Small group


Eastern Creek $339
  • Drive for 5 laps
  • Professional instructors
  • F-1 style race car experience


Wodonga $339
  • Unmodified car
  • Full instruction
  • 1.6km circuit


Dromana $349
  • Iconic Ferrari
  • 16km drive
  • Gorgeous views


Eastern Creek $339
  • 5-laps
  • Pro instructors
  • F1-style


St Kilda $349
  • 500bhp of high performance
  • 30 minute drive sensation
  • Photo opportunities
CT4 Just Aerobatics Flight

CT4 Just Aerobatics Flight

Cressy -  365


Cressy $365
  • High speeds over 380kph
  • Insane G-forces
  • Maximum thrills


Melbourne $398
  • Tour the Great Ocean Road
  • Luxury 12-seater coach
  • 2.5 hours at Otway Zipline


Marks Point $529
  • Flight and safety briefing
  • 10 minutes of air time
  • High energy manoeuvres
Advanced Chocolate Making Class

Advanced Chocolate Making Class

Melbourne -  190


Melbourne $190
  • Not for beginners
  • Create curls, collars, shards
  • Cake and dessert decorations
Three Car Rally Blast, 27 Laps

Three Car Rally Blast, 27 Laps

Bacchus Marsh -  $529 491


Bacchus Marsh $491
  • Full briefing
  • Drive 3 cars, 8 laps
  • 3 hot laps
Rally Car Drive, Half Day

Rally Car Drive, Half Day

Willowbank -  695


Willowbank $695
  • Drive 28 laps
  • 2 rally cars
  • Master the techniques
13 Lap Rally Driving Combo

13 Lap Rally Driving Combo

Cessnock -  345


Cessnock $345
  • 4 training laps
  • Drive 8 laps
  • Choose your rally car
Paintballing for Ten

Paintballing for Ten

Appin -  399


Appin $399
  • Entry plus equipment
  • 100 paintballs each
  • Hollywood themed courses
Grand Canyon 4-Hour Canyoning

Grand Canyon 4-Hour Canyoning

Blackheath -  189


Blackheath $189
  • Exhilarating abseils
  • A remarkable ancient maze
  • Blue Mountains scenery

Celebrate Him with an Experience

When marking another year together, nothing says I appreciate you quite like the gift of a new experience. Whether he's an adrenaline junkie, a gastronomy enthusiast, or a lover of relaxation, our diverse range of experiences across Australia offers the perfect way to celebrate your love and give him an anniversary gift that stands out. From thrilling skydives to serene adventures and gourmet cooking classes, let's make this anniversary unforgettable by choosing an experience that matches his unique spirit and interests.

Why Experience Gifts

Create Lasting Memories

Unlike physical gifts that may fade or be forgotten, the memories created from an experience gift last a lifetime. This anniversary, give him something to look back on, a story to tell, and a precious moment that adds to the tapestry of your lives together.

Personalise Your Love

Show how well you know him by selecting an experience that speaks directly to his passions and dreams. Whether fulfilling a lifelong ambition or diving into a new hobby together, personalised gifts resonate on a deeper level.

Strengthen Your Bond

Shared experiences can strengthen your relationship, offering new ways to connect and enjoy each other's company. Even if you choose an experience just for him, it's an opportunity to grow closer as you support his adventures.

The Thrill of Adventure

An adventure can offer excitement and a break from the routine for the man with everything. Let him soar through the skies, race across the land, or explore beneath the sea; whatever thrills him, find it here.

Anniversary Gifts Tailored for Him

For the Adrenaline Seeker

Skydiving, shark cage diving, or a high-speed race car experience can satisfy his thrill-seeking heart. Let him live out his daredevil dreams with an experience that pushes the limits.

For the Gourmet Guy

A masterclass in cooking, a whisky-tasting journey, or a boutique brewery tour can delight his taste buds. It's not just a gift; it's an exploration of flavours and skills.

For the Nature Lover

A guided kayaking adventure, a wilderness camping experience, or a cycling tour can reconnect him with the great outdoors, offering tranquillity and a fresh perspective.

For the Culture Enthusiast

A behind-the-scenes tour, an art workshop, or a historical exploration can feed his curiosity and offer new insights into his favourite hobbies.

The Joy of Anticipation

Unlike a physical gift that offers instant gratification, experiences come with the added joy of anticipation. The days or weeks leading up to the event are filled with excitement, preparation, and dreams of the upcoming adventure. Whether your significant other is an adrenaline junkie, a nature lover, or a music enthusiast, there's an experience gift out there that aligns perfectly with his passions and interests.

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