Brisbane $145
  • Thrilling dawn climb
  • Unique vantage
  • Group photo
Illawarra Fly Zipline

Illawarra Fly Zipline

Jamberoo -  68


Jamberoo $68
  • Eco-wilderness adventure
  • 1 hour of Zipping
  • Fully guided tour


Sydney $65
  • Sydney Attraction Pass
  • Wildlife and Aquatic Experience
  • Panoramic City Views
Zipline Eco-Tour, Child

Zipline Eco-Tour, Child

Jamberoo -  45


Jamberoo $45
  • 2.5 hours of fun
  • 4 cloud stations
  • Includes treetop walk
iFly For Four

iFly For Four

Gold Coast -  296


Gold Coast $296
  • Indoor skydiving experience
  • Personal instructor provided
  • Accessible, ultimate safety


Sydney $75
  • Sensational experiences
  • Visit 3 attractions
  • 30 days to enjoy


Brisbane $170
  • Iconic Bridge Climb
  • Aboriginal History
  • 360-Degree Panorama


Sydney $90
  • Fantastic experiences
  • Visit 4 of attractions
  • 30 days to enjoy


Melbourne $60
  • Explore Melbourne CBD
  • Unravel the mystery
  • Fun-filled adventure


Brisbane $170
  • Fascinating historical stories.
  • City views at twilight.
  • Unique bridge exploration.
Gold Coast Jet Boat Ride, Family Pass

Gold Coast Jet Boat Ride, Family Pass

Gold Coast -  $219 203


Gold Coast $203
  • 360 degree spins
  • 55 minutes ride
  • Take in the glitz


Melbourne $398
  • Tour the Great Ocean Road
  • Luxury 12-seater coach
  • 2.5 hours at Otway Zipline
Otway Zipline Adventure Tour

Otway Zipline Adventure Tour

Melbourne -  199


Melbourne $199
  • Great Ocean Road sights
  • Luxury 12-seater coach
  • 2.5 hours at Otway Zipline
Jet Boat Ride, Family

Jet Boat Ride, Family

Sydney -  239


Sydney $239
  • Reach high speeds
  • Scream past Sydney's sights
  • Jump the waves
Jet Boat Adventure, Family 2+2

Jet Boat Adventure, Family 2+2

Main Beach -  225


Main Beach $225
  • Super Jeep transfers
  • Moreton Bay
  • 55 minute jet ride
Family Scuba Diving

Family Scuba Diving

Australia wide -  610


Australia wide $610
  • Learn all about scuba
  • Professional instructor
  • Perfect for beginners


Scarborough $485
  • Encounter wild marine animals
  • Brisbane transfers
  • Perfect white beaches


Brisbane $150
  • Thrilling bridge climb
  • Knowledgeable guides
  • Panoramic city views
Climb the Story Bridge at Dawn

Climb the Story Bridge at Dawn

Brisbane -  170


Brisbane $170
  • Bridge climbing experience
  • Historical Brisbane insights
  • Stunning panoramic views


Brisbane $140
  • Adventure opportunity
  • Suspended walkway
  • Amazing panoramic view
Navigation Course, Full Day

Navigation Course, Full Day

Katoomba -  285


Katoomba $285
  • Learn to use compass and maps
  • Fun hiking test
  • Find your way with the sun


Sydney $369
  • Discover Sydney
  • Local guide
  • Family fun day
iFly Family and Friends

iFly Family and Friends

Gold Coast -  369


Gold Coast $369
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • 10 x 50 second flights
  • Personalised certificates

When was the last time you and your family hit the great outdoors and had an adventure like nothing else before? With life becoming more and more web-based and the hectic pace not looking like slowing anytime soon, here is the perfect way to win back your precious family time. Are you ready to reclaim your parental hero status with these amazing adventures?

When it comes to thrills, we have you covered, whether it's a tall ship adventure on Sydney Harbour, or jetboating along the crystal-clear waters of the beautiful Gold Coast. With family adventures available right across the country, there's something guaranteed to get you and your loved ones back out into the glorious surroundings of Mother Nature.

Zipline your way to glory atop the trees of the Otway Ranges, or lead your troupe through the streets of Sydney with a bike tour of discovery. There are Segways to master, scuba diving to enjoy and all the thrills and excitement of indoor skydiving. No matter how fussy your audience is, we have ways of making them smile and return you to the favourite place in the world: beside your happy family. With so many adventures for you to choose from, it won't be difficult for you to win over the most important people in your life. Watch the iPads and mobile phones disappear, as you embark on an adventure like no other, and rediscover the joys of doing things together as a family. Just be prepared to follow it up with a second experience, because one is never enough.

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