Jet Pack Solo Flight

Jet Pack Solo Flight

Penrith -  199


Penrith $199
  • A unique experience
  • Professional instruction
  • Guaranteed 15 minutes airtime
Jet Pack and Board Combo

Jet Pack and Board Combo

Kariong -  249


Kariong $249
  • Unique experience
  • Full instruction
  • Guaranteed airtime
Jet Pack Solo Flight

Jet Pack Solo Flight

Kariong -  199


Kariong $199
  • Unique experience
  • Instructor guidance
  • Guaranteed 15 minutes airtime
Flyboard Experience, 20 Minutes

Flyboard Experience, 20 Minutes

Surfers Paradise -  249


Surfers Paradise $249
  • Certified Instructors
  • Controlled Motion
  • Advanced Moves
Flyboard Experience, 10 Minutes

Flyboard Experience, 10 Minutes

Surfers Paradise -  175


Surfers Paradise $175
  • Certified flyboarding instruction
  • Thrilling airborne stunts
  • 10 minutes of flight
Double Jet Pack Adventure

Double Jet Pack Adventure

Penrith -  399


Penrith $399
  • Aquatic flight experience
  • Personalised flight control
  • Instructional guidance provided
Jet Pack and Board Combo

Jet Pack and Board Combo

Penrith -  249


Penrith $249
  • Jetpack and jet board
  • 20 minutes training
  • 20 minutes airtime

Flyboarding for Would-be Superheros

Bursting onto the scene in 2012, Flyboarding has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the fastest-growing water sports worldwide. Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water again, along comes an experience like no other, determined to draw you in and keep you hooked for life. Flyboarding is the ultimate way to experience water, as you try and do everything possible to stay out of it. With the finesse of Ironman and the appeal of a James Bond movie, this is the experience you've been searching for.

How does Flyboarding Work?

Flyboarding involves a flyboard, a device that allows a person to soar through the air and perform acrobatics while being propelled out of a jet of water. The flyboard is attached to a jet ski or a personal watercraft by a long hose, and the jet ski's propulsion provides the power for the flyboard. The person using the flyboard stands on a board with their feet strapped in and uses their body movements to control their altitude and direction. Flyboarding can be thrilling for people who enjoy water sports and are looking for a unique and exciting way to have fun on the water.

Whether at Penrith, Kariong or Rockingham, the time to experience this insanely addictive experience is now. With the power of water beneath you and the open sky awaiting you, just how high will you go before plunging back down?

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