Eastern Creek $499
  • 10 laps driving
  • Professional instructors
  • F1-style race experience


Eastern Creek $249
  • Ride for 4 laps
  • 2-seater Formula Ford race car
  • High Gs await
Formula Ford 24 Lap Race Day

Formula Ford 24 Lap Race Day

Wanneroo -  595


Wanneroo $595
  • Drive solo
  • Expert tuition
  • 24 laps of thrills


Wodonga $499
  • Unmodified race car
  • Pro instruction
  • 1.6km circuit


Eastern Creek $339
  • Drive for 5 laps
  • Professional instructors
  • F-1 style race car experience


Wodonga $339
  • Unmodified car
  • Full instruction
  • 1.6km circuit


Wodonga $899
  • Unmodified race car
  • No rev limiters
  • 1.6km circuit


Eastern Creek $689
  • Drive 10 Laps
  • Hot laps in 2-seater
  • Includes use of gear


Wodonga $249
  • 4 super fast laps
  • Experience 2.5G
  • 1.6km per lap
Formula Ford Drive and Ride

Formula Ford Drive and Ride

Wodonga -  539


Wodonga $539
  • Unmodified race car
  • Professional instruction
  • Drive and Ride
Drive a Formula Ford, 20 Laps

Drive a Formula Ford, 20 Laps

Eastern Creek -  899


Eastern Creek $899
  • Drive for 20 laps
  • Professional instruction
  • No rev-limiters
Formula Ford 40 Lap Race Day

Formula Ford 40 Lap Race Day

Wanneroo -  995


Wanneroo $995
  • 8 laps behind a pace car
  • Drive for 40 laps
  • Expert tuition
Formula Ford Drive and Ride

Formula Ford Drive and Ride

Eastern Creek -  539


Eastern Creek $539
  • Drive 5 laps
  • Professional instruction
  • 2 hot laps

From Formula One to Formula Ford

Many Formula One drivers begin their careers in lower-level motorsport categories, such as Formula Ford. Formula Ford is considered an entry-level category in open-wheel racing. It serves as a stepping stone for young drivers to progress to higher levels of motorsport, such as Formula Renault and GP3, before eventually reaching Formula One.

Formula Ford cars are relatively inexpensive, making them a good choice for drivers starting in motorsport. The cars are powered by Ford 1600cc "Kent" engines and feature aerodynamic wings and slick tires, making them faster than cars in other entry-level categories, such as karting. They can even beat a top-of-the-line Porsche around a track.

Some famous F1 drivers began their careers in Formula Ford and progressed to higher categories and ultimately to F1, such as Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, and Ayrton Senna. It's worth noting that there are other paths to F1, too. Some drivers start in karting, some in touring cars, some in single-seaters, and some even in rally. However, many of these drivers who came through karting and other motorsport categories often went through Formula Ford.

Do you know the next potential Hamilton? This is their ideal day, with tight cockpit, open wheels, sensitive gears and a track that's just inches below. Formula Ford is the route to driving in the very fast lane.

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