Brisbane $145
  • Thrilling dawn climb
  • Unique vantage
  • Group photo


Sydney $47
  • Fast 1000 hp
  • Amazing stunts
  • 30 minute ride
Illawarra Fly Zipline

Illawarra Fly Zipline

Jamberoo -  68


Jamberoo $68
  • Eco-wilderness adventure
  • 1 hour of Zipping
  • Fully guided tour
Drifting Thrill Ride, 4 Laps

Drifting Thrill Ride, 4 Laps

Eastern Creek -  149


Eastern Creek $149
  • 4 laps in a competition drift car
  • 2 cars battle it out
  • Smell the smoke
Parasailing on the Gold Coast for Two

Parasailing on the Gold Coast for Two

Surfers Paradise -  198


Surfers Paradise $198
  • Follow the thermals
  • 360-degree views
  • Qualified skipper


Cairns $99
  • Return transfers from Cairns
  • Wildlife encounters
  • Includes transfers


Melbourne $47
  • Daily animal feeds
  • 12 amazing zones
  • Centrally located
Thunder Thrill - Adult

Thunder Thrill - Adult

Sydney -  $70 69


Sydney $69
  • 1000 horse power
  • Amazing spins, twists and more
  • 30 minute action


Sydney $51
  • Full day pass
  • 6 environments
  • Keeper talks
Warbird Aerobatic Flight

Warbird Aerobatic Flight

Rutherford -  350


Rutherford $350
  • Russian YAK52
  • Full introduction
  • 15 minute flight


Darling Harbour $85
  • 3-hour cruise
  • 3-courses
  • Live Jazz


Sydney $179
  • 2-hour tour
  • All fitness levels
  • Brekkie and coffee credit


Gold Coast $94
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • 2 indoor flights
  • Flight certificate


Melbourne $110
  • Brilliant sunset
  • Crown pyrotechnic
  • 3 hours


Melbourne $32
  • Diver presentations
  • 12 zones
  • Centrally located
Zipline Eco-Tour, Child

Zipline Eco-Tour, Child

Jamberoo -  45


Jamberoo $45
  • 2.5 hours of fun
  • 4 cloud stations
  • Includes treetop walk
Horse and Carriage Wine Tour

Horse and Carriage Wine Tour

Pokolbin -  99


Pokolbin $99
  • 75 minute tour
  • Visit Pokolbin Estate
  • Tastings with cheese
iFly For Four

iFly For Four

Gold Coast -  296


Gold Coast $296
  • Indoor skydiving experience
  • Personal instructor provided
  • Accessible, ultimate safety


Sydney $38
  • Keeper talks
  • Full day access
  • Boat ride


Sorrento $65
  • Visit the seals
  • Unique bow
  • Encounter dolphins


Coldstream $299
  • One-on-one session
  • Ride for 30 minutes
  • Massive 550 bhp
Swim with Wild Dolphins

Swim with Wild Dolphins

Glenelg -  139


Glenelg $139
  • Eco certified operator
  • Join the dolphins in the water
  • Dolphins swim within a few metres


Sydney $75
  • Sensational experiences
  • Visit 3 attractions
  • 30 days to enjoy
Ultimate Jet Boat Ride

Ultimate Jet Boat Ride

Gold Coast -  75


Gold Coast $75
  • Wild wave riding
  • 55 minute ride
  • 650hp twin jet-power


Brisbane $170
  • Iconic Bridge Climb
  • Aboriginal History
  • 360-Degree Panorama


Mooloolaba $27
  • Shark Shipwreck experience
  • Eleven distinctive zones
  • Interactive Seal Island
Junior Driving Experience

Junior Driving Experience

Sandown Park -  199


Sandown Park $199
  • Dual controlled
  • Braking, and slaloms
  • Licenced instructor
Sydney Sunset Kayak Tour

Sydney Sunset Kayak Tour

Sydney -  149


Sydney $149
  • 90-minute tour
  • Beginner friendly
  • Qualified guides


Augusta $165
  • Unwind with friends
  • First access
  • Uninterrupted views


Rockingham $85
  • Eco certified operator
  • 60 minute cruise
  • Penguin Island

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Little Explorers (ages 3 to 7) The world is a playground waiting to be discovered. Whether it's their first glide in a wind tunnel or the delight of paddling in calm waters, every experience is crafted to ignite their curiosity while ensuring utmost safety.
Middle Marvels (Ages 8-12)As they grow, so does their thirst for adventure. Let them harness the wind as they zip-line through forests or feel the thrill of jet boating. It's all about pushing boundaries and discovering new passions.
Teen Trailblazers (Ages 13-17)They're on the cusp of adulthood, craving independence and unique experiences. From aerobatic flights that defy gravity to immersive swims with dolphins, each experience is designed to match their evolving spirit of adventure.

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Beyond Screens. Today's tech-savvy kids can dive into adventures that can't be downloaded. Real textures, real sounds, real excitement.
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