Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for Two

Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for Two

Melbourne City Centre -  695


Melbourne City Centre $695
  • 20-minute flight
  • Discover the landmarks
  • Exclusive to you


Yulara $160
  • In-flight commentary
  • Vertical lift off
  • Birds eye perspective


Brisbane $390
  • Unspoiled views of the CBD
  • Professional, qualified pilot
  • Bird's eye view of Story Bridge


McLaren Vale $1500
  • Scenic Helicopter Flight
  • Bespoke Shiraz Blending
  • Artful Museum Tour


Coolangatta $99
  • Vertical takeoff
  • Beach views
  • 10 minute flight


Lyndoch $916
  • 15 minute flight
  • Guided tour
  • Tastings and lunch
Helicopter Flight, 60km Flight

Helicopter Flight, 60km Flight

Main Beach -  240


Main Beach $240
  • Majestic Broadwater views
  • Tranquil hinterland
  • 25 minutes
Zonzo Estate Heli Couple's Getaway

Zonzo Estate Heli Couple's Getaway

Melbourne City Centre -  2495


Melbourne City Centre $2495
  • City to Zonzo Estate
  • Exclusive flight for 2
  • Beautiful scenery


Essendon Fields $490
  • Melbourne Helicopter Ride
  • Notable Landmark Views
  • Sky-High Exploration


Phillip Island $525
  • Superbike circuit views
  • Breathtaking sightseeing
  • Grand Prix circuit


Essendon Fields $1498
  • Helicopter Winery Tour
  • Culinary Indulgence
  • Vineyard Serenity
Ultimate Helicopter Flight

Ultimate Helicopter Flight

Coolangatta -  299


Coolangatta $299
  • Follow the Gold Coast
  • Fly at 500 feet
  • Breathtaking views


Armidale $1050
  • 30 minute flight
  • Beautiful and dramatic
  • Breathtaking views
Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for 3

Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for 3

Melbourne City Centre -  845


Melbourne City Centre $845
  • 20-minute flight
  • Amazing scenic location
  • CBD based
Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for Four

Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for Four

Melbourne City Centre -  1060


Melbourne City Centre $1060
  • Personal tour
  • 20-minute flight
  • Explore Melbourne


Phillip Island $670
  • Enjoy with a friend
  • 25 minute flight
  • Low-flying chopper


Phillip Island $450
  • 16 minute flight
  • Grand Prix views
  • Fly to Berrys Reef


Phillip Island $350
  • Grand Prix Circuit
  • 12-minute flight
  • Beautiful scenery


Cambridge $850
  • Mini bus transfer
  • Wine tasting
  • 2-course lunch


Lyndoch $750
  • 30-minute flight
  • Live commentary
  • Take a friend


Brisbane $950
  • Luxury helicopter
  • Breathtaking views
  • 30-minute flight time


Coolangatta $450
  • Exhilarating sight-seeing
  • 10-minute flight
  • Customise your flight


Essendon Fields $1498
  • Helicopter winery tour.
  • Vineyard aerial views.
  • Italian cuisine experience.
Melbourne's Sky-High Breezy Threesome

Melbourne's Sky-High Breezy Threesome

Essendon Fields -  $569 534


Essendon Fields $534
  • Unforgettable ride
  • Experienced pilot
  • Breathtaking panoramas


Essendon Fields $598
  • Iconic cityscape views
  • Thrilling ascension experience
  • Picturesque coastal flight


Essendon Fields $490
  • Skyline Helicopter Ride
  • Iconic Landmark Views
  • Unforgettable Experience


Armidale $2100
  • Gorge flying experience
  • Panoramic wilderness views
  • Armidale aerial adventure


Lyndoch $481
  • Stunning landscape
  • Sensory picnic
  • Local produce


Lyndoch $1480
  • 25 minute flight
  • Land close by
  • Indulgent feast


Lyndoch $1316
  • Scenic flight
  • Curated wine tasting
  • 2-course lunch

Helicopter Flights

Helicopters. One of the world's most versatile aircraft. No other vehicle of the sky is as adaptable as the humble helicopter. From the moment you hear the rotors come to life, you know that the experience of a flight in one is something to be truly savoured. With the ability to hover in mid-air like a graceful hummingbird, or soar straight up into the skies like a rocket taking off, the helicopter provides one of the most unique flying experiences on offer.

Sight seeing in one of these majestic aircraft is something to truly behold, as you gain a bird's eye view from high above, your aircraft able to freeze in mid-air and maintain the optimum viewing position long enough for you to capture a bag full of photos. These are the perfect aircraft when it comes to creating the superb vantage point, climbing into the skies, to give you the best seat in the house.

Whether soaring high above the city skylines for an epic display of nightlights, or the beautiful coastlines of the Great Ocean Road, there's no place that's out of reach for these magnificent aircraft. Climb above the spectacular presence of Uluru, or view the gorgeous vision of Philip Island. Discover the magnificent Gold Coast from the air, or see what Darwin looks like from the highest seat available. With so many locations to choose from, there's a guarantee to be wowed no matter where you are. Choose a delightful helicopter experience today and marvel at the sights you never imagined possible. The hardest decision will be which experience you select first. Because with so many to choose from, you know you'll be back for more

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