Chocolate Making Class

Chocolate Making Class

Melbourne -  150


Melbourne $150
  • Too tempting not to try
  • Learn about the history
  • Create handmade chocolate
Wine Blending Workshop for Two

Wine Blending Workshop for Two

Fortitude Valley -  270


Fortitude Valley $270
  • Wine blending expertise
  • Create a custom bottle
  • Complementary Gerler Wine


Brisbane $120
  • Texture milk effectively
  • Pour the perfect espresso
  • Expert baristas


Sydney $120
  • Texture milk effectively
  • Pour the perfect espresso
  • Nationally recognised


Melbourne $120
  • Texture milk effectively
  • Pour the perfect espresso
  • Expert guidance
Truffle and Praline Workshop

Truffle and Praline Workshop

Blackburn -  180


Blackburn $180
  • Artisan chocolate workshop
  • Comprehensive guidance
  • Flavour experimentation
Chocolate Making Class for Two

Chocolate Making Class for Two

Melbourne -  300


Melbourne $300
  • Small class
  • 4-hours
  • For chocolate lovers
Advanced Chocolate Making Class

Advanced Chocolate Making Class

Melbourne -  190


Melbourne $190
  • Not for beginners
  • Create curls, collars, shards
  • Cake and dessert decorations


Melbourne $1450
  • No experience necessary
  • 2 hours of practical tuition
  • Comprehensive material
Dot-painting Workshop

Dot-painting Workshop

Yulara -  79


Yulara $79
  • Interactive Art Experience
  • Aboriginal Anangu Culture
  • Personal Creation
Cultural Walk at Uluru

Cultural Walk at Uluru

Yulara -  109


Yulara $109
  • Ancestral Anangu history
  • Cultural understanding
  • Immersive art experience

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