Trial Introductory Flight

Trial Introductory Flight

Moorabbin -  $210 197


Moorabbin $197
  • Personal instruction
  • 30-minute flight
  • Fly up to 3000 feet
Trial Introductory Flight

Trial Introductory Flight

Launceston Airport -  210


Launceston Airport $210
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • 30-minute flight
  • CASA registered
Teens Flying Experience

Teens Flying Experience

Moorabbin -  210


Moorabbin $210
  • Hands-on introductory lesson
  • Tailored for teenagers
  • Experience the thrill
Learn to Fly a Light Aircraft, 2 Flights

Learn to Fly a Light Aircraft, 2 Flights

Moorabbin Airport -  650


Moorabbin Airport $650
  • 2 Flights
  • Fly 1.5 hours
  • Logbook


Brisbane $699
  • 1 on 1 trial flight
  • Take the controls
  • 40 minute flight
Helicopter Trial Flight, Brisbane

Helicopter Trial Flight, Brisbane

Brisbane -  $599 563


Brisbane $563
  • 1 on 1 trial flight
  • 30 minute flight
  • Take the controls


Launceston $650
  • 1.5 hours flying time
  • CASA registered instructor
  • 2 flights


Launceston $1350
  • 3-flights
  • Log 2.5 hours
  • CASA registered
Light Aircraft Starter Pilot Training

Light Aircraft Starter Pilot Training

Moorabbin Airport -  1350


Moorabbin Airport $1350
  • 2.5 hours of flying
  • CASA registered
  • Pilot logbook
Learn to Fly a Cessna

Learn to Fly a Cessna

Hobart -  299


Hobart $299
  • Professional flight instruction
  • Thrilling flying lesson
  • Comprehensive safety briefing

Learn to Fly a Plane

Getting your pilot's license is the first step to getting into air travel. The Recreational Pilot Licence is the qualification you learn before you can become a fully qualified pilot. However, for the amateur would-be pilot, taking an instructional flying lesson to sample what it's all about is the first recommended step. And the hours you notch up can be added to your logbook.

Start with an Introductory Flight

An introductory trial plane flight, also known as a discovery flight or intro flight, typically involves a brief lesson on flight and aircraft controls, followed by a short flight with a certified instructor. Before the flight, the instructor will conduct a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft, during which you can learn about the different parts of the plane. Once the aircraft is ready for takeoff, the instructor demonstrates how to taxi the plane to the runway, perform the takeoff, and climb to a safe altitude.

During the flight, the instructor demonstrates various manoeuvres and allows you to take the controls and fly the plane under supervision. The purpose of the trial flight is to allow you to experience flying and decide if you are interested in pursuing further flight training.

After the flight, the instructor carries out a debrief with you and answers any questions you may have. If you are interested in pursuing further flight training, the instructor can provide information about flight schools, training programs, and costs.

Keep in mind that each flight school might have different procedures and techniques, but the main goals are usually the same, providing a feeling of the flight and allowing you to understand what it takes to fly an aircraft.

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