Recording Studio Experience

Recording Studio Experience

Caulfield -  250


Caulfield $250
  • 100s of tracks
  • Get involved in mixing
  • Take away your recording


Melbourne $250
  • One-on-one session
  • Exclusive behind the scenes
  • Go from set up to post production


Caulfield $350
  • Advice from musicians
  • Try sound engineering
  • Receive a CD


Airport West $800
  • Learn as a group
  • Record in a recording studio
  • Learn from the best


Airport West $1200
  • Award winning
  • Write and record a song
  • Perfect for 5 to 12 people

If you know of someone who desires to discover their X Factor or could be the next Idol, then look no further. A gift that takes them inside a professional studio with professionals to guide them could be the thing that takes them to the next level.

An introductory recording session allows lots of studio time for potential singing stars and recording artists. They can polish up their skills and get the right cut to demo to their friends or, perhaps, a talent agent.

What is a Recording Studio like?

A recording studio is a space where music and audio recordings are made. It typically includes a control room for the audio engineer to operate equipment and a live room for musicians to perform in. The control room will have a mixing console, a computer for digital recording, and various outboard gear for processing the sound. The live room will have sound treatment to control the acoustics and isolation from external noise. There may also be additional isolation booths for recording individual instruments or vocals.

Music Production Basics

Producing music involves overseeing the creation of a musical recording, from pre-production to the final product. This can include selecting and arranging songs, coordinating and working with the recording artist, musicians, and audio engineers, and mixing and mastering the recording. The producer will work with the artist in pre-production to develop the songs and arrangements. Then during recording, the producer will work with the recording engineer to ensure that the desired sound is captured. After recording, the producer mixes and masters the tracks to create the final product.

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