Cairns $99
  • Return transfers from Cairns
  • Wildlife encounters
  • Includes transfers


Melbourne $47
  • Daily animal feeds
  • 12 amazing zones
  • Centrally located


Sydney $51
  • Full day pass
  • 6 environments
  • Keeper talks


Melbourne $32
  • Diver presentations
  • 12 zones
  • Centrally located


Sydney $38
  • Keeper talks
  • Full day access
  • Boat ride


Cairns $52
  • Native species
  • 16,000 animals
  • Create perfect memories


Mooloolaba $27
  • Shark Shipwreck experience
  • Eleven distinctive zones
  • Interactive Seal Island


Cairns $30
  • Touch tank
  • Visitor map
  • 16000 animals


Mooloolaba $38
  • Shark Shipwreck zone
  • Eleven distinctive zones
  • Suitable for all
Dingo Encounter

Dingo Encounter

Pinjarra -  40


Pinjarra $40
  • Dingo Encounter Experience
  • Tranquil Lakeside Walk
  • Aussie Wild Legacy


Rockingham $150
  • Snorkelling spots
  • Encounter marine life
  • Gourmet seafood


Rockingham $85
  • 60-minute cruise
  • Sea lions
  • Enjoy fish n chips


Cowes $102
  • 2-hour cruise
  • Undercover viewing
  • Get up close to seals
Family Crocodile Adventure

Family Crocodile Adventure

Wangetti -  113


Wangetti $113
  • Wetland lagoon cruise
  • Crocodile farm insights
  • Huge saltwater crocodiles


Mooloolaba $47
  • Aquatic adventure experiences
  • Shark interaction zones
  • Underwater escapades
Whiskered Friends Encounter

Whiskered Friends Encounter

Pinjarra -  70


Pinjarra $70
  • Interactive wildlife adventure
  • Personal animal encounters
  • Wildlife conservation education


Mooloolaba $33
  • Shark Shipwreck exploration
  • Eleven captivating zones
  • Underwater escapade


Daintree $38
  • See crocodiles
  • Rainforest
  • 1-hour cruise


Harrisville $350
  • Camel interaction
  • Unique culinary experience
  • Camel farming tour
Self Drive Admission

Self Drive Admission

Cairns -  45


Cairns $45
  • Wetland boat cruise
  • Learn crocodile farming
  • Feed the crocodile


Darwin $195
  • 15-minute encounter
  • 360-degree views
  • Learn about crocs


Darwin $295
  • 15-minute encounter
  • 360 degree views
  • Just you and a friend


Cairns $299
  • Behind the scenes
  • Hand feed aquatic life
  • Turtles, stingrays and more
Zookeeper for a Day

Zookeeper for a Day

Pinjarra -  135


Pinjarra $135
  • Wildlife Insights
  • Animal Handling
  • Keepsake Pack


Darwin $52
  • Saltwater crocodile tour
  • Reptile handler guidance
  • Educational reptile display
Camel Trail Ride for Two

Camel Trail Ride for Two

Harrisville -  140


Harrisville $140
  • Camel Trail Ride
  • Rustic Farm Experience
  • Diverse Product Range
Whipray Encounter

Whipray Encounter

Darwin -  61


Darwin $61
  • Freshwater Whipray Encounter
  • Exclusive close-up interaction
  • Full-day Cove ticket


Darwin $122
  • Saltwater crocodile exhibits
  • Numerous reptile shows
  • Interactive adventure opportunities


Darwin $94
  • 1.5 hour tour
  • Big croc feed
  • Souvenir lanyard


Daintree $75
  • High biodiversity
  • Photo delight
  • 1-hour tour

Get ready for a parade like no other, as you witness the marvel and fun of animals that have to be seen to be believed. With a line-up of some of the most mysterious creatures ever discovered, it's time for you to say hello and be hypnotized by their grace, beauty and awe-inspiring power.

Get transported to another world, as you explore the incredible host of animals at some of the country's most intriguing aquariums. Witness the beauty of tropical wildlife, with an ocean full of sea life to explore. Watch the lives of these magnificent creatures continue, with a vantage point like no other. Witness turtles, jellyfish, tropical species and the ultimate ocean predator, as they give you a unique insight into their daily activities.

Get an up-close and personal thrill with a penguin parade like no other and watch as these insanely cute creatures wave hello. Witness the raw power and ferocity of crocodiles, with the ultimate wildlife spectacular. Perhaps a personal swim in a tropical aquarium is more to your liking, with a truly unique opportunity to dive in yourself. With animal encounters available all over the country, there's an experience guaranteed to be near you. With an abundance of wildlife ready to share their lives in both natural and man-made habitats, the only thing missing is you. Prepare for the ultimate animal adventure and get your cameras ready. With photographic opportunities like this, there's bound to be the perfect shot for you. Which will you choose first?

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