Sports Rafting the Yarra River

Sports Rafting the Yarra River

Wonga Park -  105


Wonga Park $105
  • Grade 2 rapids
  • Equipment provided
  • 2 hours of thrills
Avon River Rafting

Avon River Rafting

Perth -  199


Perth $199
  • Paddle the Avon River
  • Experienced guides
  • Try Bells Rapids


Queenstown $260
  • Full day
  • 20km journey
  • Trained guides
King River Raft and Steam Train

King River Raft and Steam Train

Queenstown -  320


Queenstown $320
  • 6 hour experience
  • Rafting fun
  • Ride the steam train
White Water Rafting the Murray

White Water Rafting the Murray

Dwellingup -  $299 281


Dwellingup $281
  • Experienced instructors
  • Gentle and rough
  • Includes meals
Avon River Rafting, Child

Avon River Rafting, Child

Perth -  170


Perth $170
  • Paddle in a 2 man croc
  • Experienced guides
  • Perfect family fun
White Water Rafting the Murray - Child

White Water Rafting the Murray - Child

Dwellingup -  $250 232


Dwellingup $232
  • Thrill-a-minute action
  • Gentle and not so
  • Experience guides

Try a Rafting Adventure

There's nothing quite like the white-knuckle excitement of you, a paddle and a raging torrent of water beneath you. Whether this is the first time you prepare to tame mother nature herself, or the hundredth time, every moment of this super-charged rafting adventure will thrill you. Rafting is a timeless activity, around for decades and still remains one of the most popular water-sports in the world.

There's nothing quite like the allure of a raging body of water and you clinging on for the ride of your life, with nothing but a paddle for control and your sense of adventure to guide you. No matter which part of the country you're in, there's guaranteed to be the perfect rafting adventure for you to discover.

Whether with a partner or friend, or maybe even a whole team, your rafting experience is guaranteed to leave you screaming for joy and keep you coming back for more time and again. With the untamed wilderness passing you by in a streak, this is the ultimate way to get back to nature and unleash your inner adrenalin junkie. Do you have what it takes to tackle the river?

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