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Why Sell on Thrill Experiences

Save time
Selling on Thrill Experiences streamlines your business, offering efficient listing processes and simplified management, saving you valuable time to focus on creating amazing experiences.

Australian Focus
Experience the benefit of Thrill Experiences' Australia Focus, connecting you directly with a dedicated, local market eager for unique, homegrown adventure experiences.

Customer Insights
Partner with Thrill Experiences to gain valuable customer insights, enhancing your offerings by understanding local preferences and trends in the Australian adventure and tourist market.

Up and Running in 3-steps


Begin with by registering. Simply provide basic contact information and details about your company. We'll send you an email to confirm your account.

Share your Details

Next, share your essential legal and financial details, laying the foundation for a secure and transparent partnership with Thrill Experiences.

Add your Activities

Finalise your setup by creating your initial product listing. Include your content, specify availability, and link your reservation system for seamless bookings.

Activities we Welcome

At Thrill Experiences, we embrace a vast spectrum of activities - from serene sightseeing and lively bar tours to engaging courses, creative workshops, exhilarating adventures, aquatic sports, gourmet delights, relaxing spa retreats, and thrilling driving experiences. Our mission is to offer people an escape from the everyday, an opportunity to experience extraordinary moments, and the joy of a genuine sense of achievement.

Frequent Questions

Thrill Experiences welcomes collaboration with both established companies and independent operators who offer unique, high-quality travel and adventure products. Ideal partners should be legally registered, adhere to all compliance standards, and share our commitment to creating exceptional, memorable experiences. This inclusive approach allows us to showcase a diverse range of activities, catering to a wide audience seeking unforgettable moments.
Listing your activities on Thrill Experiences is completely free, with no upfront costs for adding and maintaining them on the platform. We charge a commission fee only on successful bookings, which contributes to the management and enhancement of our platform, including tool development, insights generation, and extensive marketing of your products. Commission rates vary and precise details are provided upon signing up.
You'll receive payment within 7 days of fulfilling a booking, after deducting the commission fee. This fee supports our platform's management, tool development, insights generation, and extensive promotion of your products. To ensure timely payments, we require essential business information like your company registration number, tax identification number, and bank details.
Once you sign up with Thrill Experiences, confirm your email to gain access to your portal page, where you can add your product. Our system will guide you smoothly through the process for a quick online launch. Ensure to promptly complete your key business documentation as outlined in our email instructions. This step is crucial for processing payments and avoiding delays after receiving bookings.
As a partner with Thrill Experiences, you have complete freedom. You can deactivate your activity or account whenever you choose, and have full control over setting and modifying your availability. Your pricing must be no more than the price you charge your customers for the same activity.
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