Swim with Dolphins, Adult

Swim with Dolphins, Adult

Sorrento -  210


Sorrento $210
  • Snorkel demonstration
  • Breakfast included
  • Victoria's oldest marine park


Sorrento $95
  • Cruise the bay
  • Meet Fur Seals
  • Bottle Nose Dolphins


Sorrento $65
  • Visit the seals
  • Unique bow
  • Encounter dolphins
Swim with Wild Dolphins

Swim with Wild Dolphins

Glenelg -  139


Glenelg $139
  • Eco certified operator
  • Join the dolphins in the water
  • Dolphins swim within a few metres
Swim With The Dolphins

Swim With The Dolphins

Bunbury -  220


Bunbury $220
  • Wild dolphin swim
  • Award-winning tour
  • Essential gear included


Sorrento $175
  • Professionally trained crew
  • The dolphins swim alongside
  • Join them in the water


Sorrento $175
  • All equipment provided
  • Refreshments and snacks
  • 3 hours of fun


Rockingham $85
  • Eco certified operator
  • 60 minute cruise
  • Penguin Island
Dolphin Watch

Dolphin Watch

Glenelg -  78


Glenelg $78
  • Multi award winning
  • Dolphins swim close up
  • 3.5 hour tour


Scarborough $159
  • 22 metre Supercat
  • Encounter wild animals
  • Includes Brisbane transfers


Sorrento $130
  • Wild adventure experience
  • Snorkel with Australian Fur Seals
  • Expert guides included


Sorrento $75
  • Scenic waterfront views
  • Wildlife-spotting opportunities
  • Birdwatching experience
Duo Dolphin Discovery

Duo Dolphin Discovery

Glenelg -  298


Glenelg $298
  • Dolphin interaction experience
  • Perfect for two
  • Eco-accredited guide


Sorrento $3700
  • Private Sailing Tour
  • Snorkelling with Seals
  • Onboard bar
Whales in Paradise Family Pass

Whales in Paradise Family Pass

Surfers Paradise -  317


Surfers Paradise $317
  • Cruise past the famous
  • View whales
  • 360 degree viewing


Scarborough $449
  • 22m Eco Supercat
  • Dolphins, dugongs and turtles
  • Boom netting


Scarborough $99
  • Snorkel Tangalooma Wrecks
  • Encounter wild marine animals
  • Perfect white beaches


Glenelg $139
  • Multi award winning
  • Friendly dolphins
  • Swim with them
Dolphin Watch, Child

Dolphin Watch, Child

Glenelg -  78


Glenelg $78
  • Multi award winning
  • Friendly local dolphins
  • 3.5 hours


Sorrento $80
  • Professionally trained crew
  • Dolphins swim to you
  • Ecotourism accredited


Sorrento $60
  • Professionally trained crew
  • Dolphins swim towards you
  • Ecotourism accredited


Scarborough $165
  • Optional snorkel
  • Encounter wild marine animals
  • Relax on perfect white beaches


Scarborough $105
  • Optional snorkel
  • Encounter wild marine animals
  • Perfect white beaches


Rockingham $299
  • Award winning eco operator
  • All gear provided
  • Get up close to wild dolphins


Sorrento $2900
  • 2-hour cruise
  • Snorkel with Dolphins
  • Private boat


Rockingham $150
  • See wild dolphins
  • Share in the thrill
  • Light lunch


Rockingham $65
  • 60-minute cruise
  • See sea lions
  • Penguin feeding
Swim with Wild Dolphins

Swim with Wild Dolphins

Bunbury -  220


Bunbury $220
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Experienced guides
  • Safe and exhilarating tour

In a land that's surrounded by water, there's no shortage of available water fun. But if you've got animal lovers in your life then this is your chance to give them the gift of up close and personal experiences with one of the world's incredible mammals, the dolphin.

To view the dolphins, take a boat trip and discover the amazing range of marine life that is just off our shores. From seals, a whole host of birdlife, even whales and sea dragons.

We can't promise a Dr Dolittle response, but we can guarantee that when you are in the water with a dolphin, you'll be amazed by how friendly and magical they are.

Where to swim with Dolphins in Australia

There are several places in Australia where you can swim with dolphins. Some popular options include

Monkey Mia, Western Australia: Located in Shark Bay, this is one of the most well-known places to swim with dolphins in Australia. The dolphins here are known for their friendly nature and are often seen swimming close to the shore.

Tangalooma Island Resort, Queensland: Located on Moreton Island, this resort offers a variety of dolphin experiences, including swimming with dolphins and feeding them by hand.

Port Stephens, New South Wales: This region is home to a large population of bottlenose dolphins, and several tour operators offer dolphin-swimming experiences.

Mornington Peninsula. Located south of Melbourne, this area is home to a colony of dolphins that can often be seen swimming near the shore. Several tour operators offer dolphin-swimming experiences here.

It's worth noting that many of these experiences involve swimming with dolphins in a controlled environment rather than in the wild. It's important to choose a reputable operator and ensure that the dolphins are treated ethically and with respect.

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