Melbourne $90
  • Unique icy wonderland
  • Fun frosty activities
  • Snow gear provided
IceBar's Deluxe Experience

IceBar's Deluxe Experience

Melbourne -  55


Melbourne $55
  • Adventurous experience
  • Spectacular ice sculptures
  • Unique celebration venue
Wine and Food Pairing Experience

Wine and Food Pairing Experience

Fortitude Valley -  128


Fortitude Valley $128
  • Wine-food masterclass
  • 3-course experience
  • Culinary adventure


Melbourne $45
  • Magical ice wonderland
  • Fun frosty activities
  • Snow gear and cocktail


McLaren Vale $450
  • For up to 15
  • Wine tasting
  • Artistic installations
Gin Making Masterclass for Two

Gin Making Masterclass for Two

Nunawading -  350


Nunawading $350
  • Gin-making masterclass
  • Create signature gin
  • Distillery tour tasting


Canberra $185
  • 7 hours of brew
  • Knowledgeable tour guide
  • Includes lunch
Gin Making Masterclass

Gin Making Masterclass

Nunawading -  175


Nunawading $175
  • Design your own Gin
  • Distillery tour
  • Lunch sharing plates


Melbourne $65
  • Icy wonderland experience
  • Sculpted ice decor
  • Fun and unique activities
Australian Whisky Masterclass

Australian Whisky Masterclass

Melbourne -  80


Melbourne $80
  • Australian whisky-tasting
  • Australian distilleries history
  • Diverse whisky styles


Nuriootpa $120
  • Welcome drink
  • 45-minute demo
  • Grazing board and wine
The Blending Bench

The Blending Bench

McLaren Vale -  110


McLaren Vale $110
  • Beautiful views
  • Create a Shiraz
  • Take home a bottle


Sydney $225
  • Visit 3 breweries
  • Informative guides
  • Meet staff at 3 breweries


Nuriootpa $60
  • Guided demonstration
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Small group


Sydney $185
  • Sample artisan beers
  • Lunch included
  • Fun and hoppy


Melbourne $778
  • Low noise, no fumes
  • Progressive 3-course cuisine
  • 4 hour cruise
Whisky Bars and Gin Joints Tour

Whisky Bars and Gin Joints Tour

East Melbourne -  170


East Melbourne $170
  • Whisky, Gin and knowledge
  • 3 handpicked bars
  • Explore the history


Melbourne $778
  • 3-course lunch
  • 1.5 hour cruise
  • Private boat


McLaren Vale $55
  • Vertical masterclass
  • Best Australian wine
  • Expert wine guidance


McLaren Vale $740
  • d'Arenberg winery
  • Create a wine
  • 8-course degustation


Canberra $170
  • Discover the brewing process
  • See the sights
  • Sample the spirits


Surfers Paradise $90
  • Enchanting IceBar experience
  • Participate in frosty activities
  • Commemorative cocktails included


Kempton $100
  • Distillery guided tour
  • Tasmanian spirits
  • Historical building


Brisbane $220
  • Luxury adventure tour
  • Wine-tasting experience
  • Knowledgeable guide.
IceBar's Unforgettable Experience

IceBar's Unforgettable Experience

Surfers Paradise -  45


Surfers Paradise $45
  • Winter wonderland experience
  • Refreshing cocktail included
  • Unique frosty paradise
IceBar's Deluxe Experience

IceBar's Deluxe Experience

Surfers Paradise -  55


Surfers Paradise $55
  • Extraordinary adventure
  • Ice sculpture elegance
  • Icy activities
Icy Extravaganza of IceBar Surfers

Icy Extravaganza of IceBar Surfers

Surfers Paradise -  65


Surfers Paradise $65
  • Arctic-themed adventure
  • Unique ice sculptures
  • Fun, chilly activities


Melbourne $1196
  • Luxurious dining cruise.
  • Guided culinary journey.
  • Supplemented with scenic views.
Japanese Whisky Masterclass

Japanese Whisky Masterclass

Melbourne -  100


Melbourne $100
  • Japanese whisky expert
  • Palate awakening experience
  • Extraordinary drink exploration


Kempton $180
  • Tasmanian spirit distillery
  • Gourmet Tasmanian cuisine
  • Guided tasting

Wine, Beer and Gin Tastings

Australia boasts a rich and diverse wine, beer, and gin-making culture, with several vital regions producing some of the world's most beloved beverages. From the cool climate of the Yarra Valley to the vibrant craft beer scene of Fremantle, these regions offer a variety of experiences for enthusiasts. Discover the premier wine regions of Victoria's Yarra Valley, Western Australia's Margaret River, and South Australia's Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, and Adelaide Hills. Then, let's take a closer look at some of the key regions in Australia where these beloved beverages are produced.

Yarra Valley, Victoria
Known for its cool climate, the Yarra Valley is one of Australia's premier wine regions, producing world-renowned chardonnay, pinot noir, and sparkling wines.

Margaret River, Western Australia
With its mild climate and maritime influence, Margaret River is the perfect location for producing a variety of wines, including cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and shiraz.

Barossa Valley, South Australia
The Barossa Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia, producing some of the country's best-known wines, including shiraz, grenache, and Mataro.

Hunter Valley, New South Wales
Known for its Semillon, chardonnay, and shiraz, the Hunter Valley is one of Australia's most famous wine regions, attracting wine lovers from around the world.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia
The Adelaide Hills is home to some of Australia's most exciting new wineries, producing various cool climate wines, including pinot noir, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc.

Adelaide, South Australia
Adelaide is home to some of Australia's most innovative gin distilleries, producing a range of gins infused with unique botanicals and flavours.

From the lush vineyards of the Yarra Valley to the hip breweries of Fremantle, Australia has something for everyone when it comes to wine, beer, and gin. So why not plan a trip and explore these great regions for yourself? Cheers!

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