When you purchase or redeem a Thrill Experiences voucher, an instant booking, gift card or gift and tick the box accepting our terms and conditions, you become legally bound by these terms and conditions. Please do not proceed and purchase, book or redeem a voucher until you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions.

Experience Vouchers and Instant Bookings

The "Experience Voucher" (the "voucher") or "Instant Booking" ticket is evidence of a payment for a given experience. Both the "voucher" number and pass key or "Instant Booking" ticket number must be quoted when dealing with Thrill Experiences and will be used to identify the payment.

Thrill Experiences "Experience Vouchers" and "Instant Booking" tickets are non-replaceable and must be presented intact to the "service provider" on the day of the experience.

Thrill Experiences will take no responsibility for any loss you may incur as a result of theft, impersonation or identify fraud. Should the "voucher" or "Instant Booking" ticket be misplaced, stolen or damaged, Thrill Experiences will not under any circumstances provide replacements. Only original vouchers and tickets are accepted. We do not accept photocopies.

Experience Voucher Transfer and Exchange

All Thrill Experiences' "Experience Vouchers" are transferable. A "voucher" can be transferred to a third party providing the "voucher" has not been redeemed. Once you redeem your "voucher", it cannot be transferred to another recipient.

"Vouchers" can be exchanged for "Thrill Credits" free of charge, providing the "voucher" is still valid, was not purchased using "Thrill Credits" and has not been redeemed for a booking. "Thrill Credits" have the same "Expiry Date" as the "voucher" being exchanged.

The "voucher" cannot be exchanged for cash and its face value is valid until the "Expiry Date" printed on the "voucher".

Experience Voucher Validity

Experience Vouchers Purchased On or After 7th December 2017

You must redeem your "voucher" with Thrill Experiences and take the experience within 12 months from the date of purchase.

If the "voucher" is not booked and taken within 12 months from the date of purchase, the amount paid for the voucher is preserved until the 'Expiry Date' but the service provider is not obliged to offer the experience at the same price beyond the 12 months from the date of purchase. To take the experience, you will need to pay any difference in the price or exchange the voucher value for "Thrill Credit". If after 12 months from the date of purchase, the experience is no longer available, the preserved value of the "voucher" is provided as Thrill Credit.

"Vouchers" cannot be extended under any circumstances. A "voucher" is deemed to be invalid if it is out of date. Out of date "vouchers" and the value of the "voucher" become the property of Thrill Experiences.

For Experience Vouchers Purchased Prior to 7th December 2017

If your voucher has not expired and you wish to extend the expiry date, Thrill Experiences can extend the expiry date for an administration fee of $10 per month per voucher for up to three months, once only.

If your voucher has expired and you contact us within 30 days of its expiry we can reactivate it for an administration fee of $30 per voucher per month up to three months, once only.

Vouchers that have an expiry date that is over 30 days old, cannot be extended under any circumstances.

Instant Booking Validity

Experiences booked for a specific date and time at the time of purchase are "Instant Bookings". The "Instant Booking" ticket number will be used to identify the participant in communications with Thrill Experiences.

"Instant Bookings" are not transferable and cannot be exchanged in any circumstances.

Should the "Instant Booking" ticket number be misplaced, Thrill Experiences will not under any circumstances replace the "Instant Booking" ticket. Only original details are accepted.

Gift Cards

"Gift Cards" have a dollar value that can be used as currency to purchase from Thrill Experiences' website.

Thrill Experiences "Gift Cards" are non-replaceable. Thrill Experiences will take no responsibility for any loss you may incur as a result of theft, impersonation or identify fraud. Should the "Gift Card" be misplaced, stolen or damaged, Thrill Experiences will not under any circumstances provide replacements.

Gift Card Transfer and Exchange

All Thrill Experiences' "Gift Cards" are transferable. "Gift Cards" cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used as payment toward postage or packaging. No change is given and any balance that remains following a purchase using a "Gift Card" is automatically transferred as Thrill Credit to your Thrill Experiences account with the same expiry date as indicated on the "Gift Card".

Gift Card Validity

You must use your "Gift Card" by the expiry date marked on the "Gift Card". Any balance that remains on the "Gift Card" after expiry will not be available for use. The "Gift Card" expiry date cannot be extended under any circumstances.

Price Match Guarantee

We want our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that when shopping with us they are getting the best deal. If you think you've found the same experience cheaper and offered by the operator of the experience, we'll happily match it. Whatsmore, if you make a purchase with us and you find the operator is offering the experience cheaper within 14 days, then we'll refund you 100% of the price difference.

Our Price Match Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

The Thrill Experiences guarantee applies only to experience operators that have the identical experience in stock, immediately available and priced accurately. Price Match Guarantee requests must be submitted within 14 days from the time of purchase at Thrill Experiences. The guarantee is only valid on gift experience vouchers that have not been redeemed. Thrill Experiences do not price match on tangible gifts such as gift boxes, baskets and flowers. When requesting a price match, please be aware that price comparisons will include delivery charges, packaging costs, credit card fees, booking fees and administration fees when calculating the total price. The Thrill Experiences guarantee does not apply when you use money off coupons or vouchers, promotional offers or product-bundle pricing on the order. The Thrill Experiences guarantee is subject to change at any time and is only available to purchases made in Australia.

Pricing Errors

While we try and ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the product price you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the order as cancelled. If you cancel and you have already paid for the product, you will receive a full refund.

Package and Delivery

Where our customers elect to do so, vouchers and booking tickets are delivered to a recipient by our appointed courier company or through the regular or express post service using the shipping details provided to Thrill Experiences. Vouchers are delivered as an emailed e-voucher, envelope gift pack and signature gift box. Tickets are available as an emailed e-ticket, envelope gift pack and signature gift box. The envelope gift pack includes a personalised gift card, details about the experience and the voucher or ticket. Vouchers and tickets packaged in the Thrill Experiences signature gift box include a personalised message, lanyard with solid holder, lollies, details about the experience and what to expect. From time to time, we may change the contents of our gift packs or where an item is no longer available, we may replace that item with a similar item of equivalent value.

Customers may also elect to purchase any of our gift pack or hamper selections. We try to ensure that the hampers and gift packs illustrated on our web site and in our catalogue range are as up to date as possible with what is available. However, this is not always possible and in cases where an item is unavailable, Thrill Experiences will replace that item with an item of similar value.

Thrill Experiences offer two delivery options for the dispatch of gift vouchers:

- Regular Post Delivery

- Express Post Delivery (next business day if ordered before 3pm - Express Post Network only)

Tangible items such as gift hampers are sent via regular post.

Following credit card approval or proof of payment, sales orders placed by 3pm on any business day will be processed that day and dispatched unless a future delivery date is specified during the purchase process. Thrill Experiences will make every effort to dispatch orders received after 3pm on that same day but cannot guarantee it will be dispatched the same day. Where it cannot be dispatched the same day, it will be dispatched the following business day.

Thrill Experiences accepts no responsibility for postal services. Delivery charges are non-refundable. Thrill Experiences are not liable for any loss suffered as a result of a voucher or other tangible item being lost in the mail process or not arriving on time.

Refunds and Cancellations

Thrill Experiences will process refunds on "vouchers" provided that the request is made in writing by the purchaser within 28 days of the date purchased and the original "voucher" is returned intact at the customer cost and received by Thrill Experiences within 28 days.

In event of a 'Change of Mind' refund, Thrill Experiences will deduct an administrative fee of $30 from the amount refunded. Refunds will be made within 30 days of us agreeing with the purchaser that a refund will be made.

No refund is possible for already booked (redeemed) experiences, "Instant Bookings", dollar value certificates, gift cards, gift boxes or direct ship items (physical products shipped immediately).

If you cancel your experience with a "service provider", the "service provider" may charge you a cancellation fee or charge. If an experience is cancelled by the "service provider" an alternative date should be organised directly with them.

Thrill Experiences may, for circumstances beyond our control, need to cancel an experience. Thrill Experiences will notify the participant as soon as possible in such cases and offer all available alternatives. We do not refund any expenses incurred relating to the cancelled experience.

Thrill Experiences will re-book, and in limited cases refund the amount paid for an experience due to extreme circumstances such as death, severe injury or severe illness. Participants may be asked to provide documentary evidence to support such claims relating to the above.

Any refunds will be refunded to the original purchaser of the experience.


From time to time, Thrill Experiences offers promotional discounts and special offers ('Promotional Offers' and 'Promotional Codes'). Promotional Codes should be entered during the checkout process when prompted and applied using the Apply button. By redeeming any Thrill Experiences Promotional Code or Promotional Offers, you agree to accept and comply with all of the following terms and conditions of use:

Only one promotional code made be used per order and once per person and once per account

Promotional codes are not valid for the purchase of dollar value gift cards and tangible items

To receive the discount or special offer, the Promotional Code must be entered into the designated field in the shopping cart. Otherwise your discount will not be applied.

A Promotional Code must be used before the designated expiration date.

Thrill Experiences reserves the right to verify the validity of Promotional Code use at any time. If there has been or we have reason to believe there has been any unauthorised use we will immediately cease all activity on your Account

Thrill Experiences reserves the right to remove any Promotional Code or Promotional Offer without notice at any time.

Venues and Service Providers

Thrill Experiences continuously add locations and services and occasionally we need to change or withdraw venues or experiences due to circumstances beyond our control. In such cases purchasers and participants of our experiences will be able to exchange their "voucher" for a different "voucher" of the same monetary value.

Thrill Experiences is responsible for lodging bookings with "service providers". Participants may be required to enter into an agreement with the "service provider" and the participant agrees to accept any terms, conditions, rules and restrictions associated with the itinerary imposed by the "Service Provider". Participant acknowledges and agrees that Thrill Experiences is not a party to any agreement between the participants and the "service provider", and that, with the exception of its payment obligations and obligations related to Thrill Experiences bookings, Thrill Experiences disclaims all liability arising from or related to any such agreements.

Experience and Activity Descriptions

Thrill Experiences strives to keep all the information on its web site and promotional material as accurate as possible. However, the exact detail of each experience may change from time to time and from "service provider" to "service provider". All promotional material, pictures, illustrations and description are used as an indication only and do not form the basis or part of the agreement. The most up to date experience descriptions are available on www.thrillexperiences.com.au. Thrill Experiences reserves the right to make changes to the descriptions that apply to any experience without notice where such alterations have been imposed by the service provider.


The duration of the exact experience is an approximation of the length of time you will spend at the "service provider's" venue. Details regarding the number of participants, or any wait time that may be involved are listed in the experience description. Wait times are affected by the number of participants attending at the venue. You are requested to comply with the roster provided by the "service provider" where this would normally be available.


All experiences offered are subject to availability. Experiences should be booked a minimum of 4 weeks in advance and even further for weekends and public holidays. Bookings are not confirmed until you have received your booking confirmation (either by e-mail or mail). You should not make any travel or other related arrangements until the booking has been confirmed.

Thrill Experiences reserve the right to surrogate certain parts of the experience, should those parts become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control. We may need to cancel the experience at short notice due to changes made by the "service provider". Participants will be able to re book the experience cancelled by Thrill Experiences.

Occasionally, a "service provider" may withdraw or cancel a venue or experience. If this occurs, Thrill Experiences will offer an alternative venue or exchange your experience for an experience with a value equal to or less than the value of the experience you purchased. Any experiences chosen that are of greater value than the initial booking, will require you to pay us the difference in value between the two experiences. However, any exchange we provide is subject to the availability of another experience and is not guaranteed.


Many of the experiences offered by Thrill Experiences are dependent on weather conditions. The experience description will include advice about weather conditions and participants may need to confirm with the "service provider" on the day. A telephone contact number will be provided in your booking confirmation. In the event that the experience is cancelled, you will be able to re-book directly with the "service provider". However, we will not reimburse you for any traveling and other related expenses caused by cancellation due to adverse weather or breakdown.

Dress Code

Some experiences require that stipulated clothing items be brought to the experience or alternately worn during the experience. Thrill Experiences advise the details of any special dress code in the experience description. You are requested to comply with these requirements. Thrill Experiences will not be held liable if a "service provider" refuses participation in an experience due to failure to bring or wear the stipulated clothing.


Thrill Experiences have taken great care in choosing quality "service providers". If you have a problem or complaint on the day, please bring it to the attention of the "service provider" on the day.


Thrill Experiences recognise that people with disabilities may have difficultly participating in certain experiences and activities that are presented by Thrill Experiences on its web site and in promotional material. Wherever possible, Thrill Experiences endeavour to advise participants of any limitations that apply to specific experiences or activities. To help us meet your needs, we ask that you inform us of any disability when ordering or booking through us. Restrictions on age, health, weight and height will be clearly detailed with each experience confirmation.

If you are unable to meet the minimum requirements for the experience Thrill Experiences will try to exchange the experience for another with a value equal to or less than the value of the experience purchased. Should an experience be chosen that is of greater value then you are required to pay Thrill Experiences the difference in value between the two experiences.

Thrill Experiences reserve the right to refuse participation in any experience if you have failed to inform us of any conditions that would make participation in the experience dangerous for yourself or any other party.


Thrill Experiences have an extensive range of "service providers" that extend nationwide across Australia. Although every care is taken in choosing our "service providers" and "venues" Thrill Experiences cannot guarantee the safety standards or satisfactory performance of any "service provider", nor can Thrill Experiences accept responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by a participant whilst participating in the experience for which the "service provider" will be solely responsible.

Purchasers and participants accept that neither Thrill Experiences nor its "Service Providers" will be held liable for changing or withdrawing venues or experiences due to circumstances beyond our control. "Service providers" have their own terms and conditions. In order to participate in a Thrill Experiences experience, participants are required to accept the "service providers" terms and conditions. Some "service providers" also require participants to sign an acceptance form or a waiver and will be informed of this when they redeem their voucher, book or by the "service provider" at the time of the experience.

Customer reviews and ratings displayed on the Thrill Experiences web site are from our members who have elected to post a review on the Thrill Experiences web site. As such, these reviews and ratings are intended to be informative for those wishing to use them, but they do not guarantee any level of performance by us, a "service provider" or other third party.

Thrill Credit

Thrill Credits carry the same expiry date as the original "voucher" or Gift Card.

Thrill Credits may not be transferred, sold, bequeathed or inherited. Thrill Credits can only be redeemed for experiences and are not convertible into cash. Thrill Credits are only used to record your entitlement to redeem for an experience.

Once Thrill Credits have been approved and allocated, you have until the "Expiry Date" of your Thrill Credit to redeem for an experience. All Thrill Credits not redeemed for experiences by the "Expiry Date" will lapse automatically and any unused value at the date of expiry becomes the property of Thrill Experiences.

Whenever Thrill Credits are redeemed for experiences, the earliest expiring Thrill Credits are used first.

Other Terms and Conditions

Some of the experiences contained within the Thrill Experiences web site and in its promotional material have an element of risk attached to them.

Our suppliers have their own insurance. We advise all participants to view this insurance and to consider taking out their own insurance before participating in an experience.

Thrill Experiences accepts no responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss, injury, claim, cost, damage, or any consequential damages of any kind. Thrill Experiences shall under no circumstances be liable for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces or causes beyond its reasonable control. If any claim arises against Thrill Experiences by reason of our willful act, neglect or default, our liability shall not exceed the price the Purchaser paid us for the experience.

It is your responsibility to ensure you enter your e-mail address correctly when you register your details with us. E-vouchers, booking request details and booking confirmations are all sent via e-mail. An incorrect e-mail address may result in the e-mail being lost in cyberspace because it can't be delivered. For bookings, the "service provider" will be expecting you on a date and time specified in the booking confirmation and you may end up forfeiting your booking if you do not turn up on the designated date and time subject to the service provider's terms and conditions.


Thrill Experiences shares your concerns about the protection of your personal information online. We have a full privacy policy that adheres to core privacy principles. To view the policy, please visit our web site or enter www.thrillexperiences.com.au/privacy into your browser.

Trade Marks

Thrill Experiences and the Thrill Experiences logo is a trademark of Thrill Experiences Pty Ltd. Neither the purchaser nor the recipient of an experience is entitled to use any Thrill Experiences trade marks or logos. Affiliates who have been accepted by Thrill Experiences onto our Affiliates Program will be provided with strict guidelines regarding the use by authorised affiliates of the Thrill Experiences trade marks and logos. No one may use the trade marks without our express written permission.

The text, illustrations, data and pictures used in our promotional material and on our web site are protected by copyright and/ or trademarks and must not be copied in whole or in part without the express permission of Thrill Experiences.

Words with Special Meaning

Experience Voucher

A voucher purchased by the Purchaser for a specific experience or activity against which the voucher can be redeemed.

Instant Booking

An experience or activity purchased by the Purchaser that is booked for a specific date and time nominated at the time of purchase.

Gift Card

A dollar value card with a unique code that can be used as currency to purchase from Thrill Experiences' website.


The person who completes the financial transaction with Thrill Experiences.

Service Provider

Any third party designated by Thrill Experiences engaged in the provision of experiences, activities or related materials.


The location where the experience is undertaken.


The person who has nominated to take the experience.

Expiry Date

The date after which the experience voucher, thrill credit or gift card is invalidated and can no longer be used.