7 Lap V8 Drive with 2 Hot Laps

7 Lap V8 Drive with 2 Hot Laps

Norwell -  $450 418


Norwell $418
  • Holden or Ford
  • Drive 7 laps
  • 2 hot laps
V8 Race Car 5 Lap Drive

V8 Race Car 5 Lap Drive

Norwell -  270


Norwell $270
  • V8 Holden or Ford
  • Professional in-car instruction
  • 5 laps of the 2.1km circuit
V8 Race Car 7 Lap Experience

V8 Race Car 7 Lap Experience

Norwell -  370


Norwell $370
  • Choose V8 Holden or Ford
  • Drive 7 laps
  • 2.1km track


Eastern Creek $339
  • 5-laps
  • Pro instructors
  • F1-style
Radical Hot Laps at Queensland Raceway

Radical Hot Laps at Queensland Raceway

Willowbank -  $220 206


Willowbank $206
  • Le Mans style
  • 6 gears
  • Go up to 230km/h


Willowbank $545
  • Le Mans style
  • Experience 2.5Gs
  • 8 laps with hot lap


Eastern Creek $249
  • High-speed adventure
  • Professional driver
  • Lightning-fast corners
Hot Laps in a V8 Race Car

Hot Laps in a V8 Race Car

Norwell -  220


Norwell $220
  • Race suit and helmet provided
  • Choose Holden or Ford
  • 3 hot laps driven by a pro


Willowbank $245
  • 5 scintillating laps
  • Professional instructor
  • Travel at over 200kmh


Norwell $690
  • Holden or Ford
  • Drive 10 laps
  • 2 hot laps


Willowbank $345
  • Le Mans style
  • Lap up 2.5Gs
  • Reach 230km/h


Kurwongbah $220
  • Get to 2.5G
  • In-car comms
  • Up to 230kmh
Hot Laps in a Lotus Exige

Hot Laps in a Lotus Exige

Norwell -  165


Norwell $165
  • Ride in a Lotus
  • Speed at 200 km/h
  • 3 full laps


Warwick $460
  • 10 laps session
  • Professional coach
  • 0-100 in 4.9 secs


Ipswich $460
  • Full briefing
  • Drive 10 laps
  • 0 to 100 in 4.9 seconds


Ipswich $1350
  • 3 x 10 laps
  • 0-100 in 4.9 secs
  • Photo certificate
Morgan Park Radical 5 Lap Blast

Morgan Park Radical 5 Lap Blast

Morgan Park -  345


Morgan Park $345
  • Le Mans style
  • Hit speeds of 230km/h
  • Thrilling 2.5Gs


Eastern Creek $499
  • No rev-limiters
  • 10 laps
  • F1-style experience


Wodonga $249
  • Formula Ford Racing
  • 1.6km Circuit
  • Intense Racing Experience


Ipswich $250
  • V8 Drifting Experience
  • Professional Race Drivers
  • 600 of horsepower
Morgan Park Radical 8 Lap Combo

Morgan Park Radical 8 Lap Combo

Morgan Park -  545


Morgan Park $545
  • 8 lap combo
  • 1 hot lap
  • Reach 230km/h


Willowbank $460
  • Full briefing
  • Drive for 10 laps
  • 0-100 in 4.9 seconds
Morgan Park Radical 3 Hot Laps

Morgan Park Radical 3 Hot Laps

Morgan Park Raceway -  220


Morgan Park Raceway $220
  • Le Mans style
  • 6 gears
  • Speed at 230km/h


Norwell $545
  • Radical SR3 race car
  • 2.5G on corners
  • Reach 230km/h


Ipswich $299
  • 3 hot laps
  • 500 bhp drift car
  • Pro driver


Lara $329
  • V8 Power
  • 2 tracks
  • 1 hot lap
Hot Laps in a Lotus Exige

Hot Laps in a Lotus Exige

Kurwongbah -  165


Kurwongbah $165
  • Ride in a Lotus
  • 3 Hot Laps
  • Lakeside Park
Radical Hot Laps at Norwell

Radical Hot Laps at Norwell

Norwell -  220


Norwell $220
  • 3 hot laps
  • Faster than a V8
  • 2.5 Gs

V8 Drive and Hot Laps

This is what the word 'Awesome' was invented for. This is V8 hot laps on some of Australia's best racing circuits, including Barbagallo Raceway, Norwell and Eastern Creek. And yes, it's you in the driver's seat, or you can take the passenger seat! It's sheer adrenaline from the word go, and it all begins with true-to-life race preparation, including full safety announcements with your professional racing instructor.

When appeasing your inner speed demon, taking an authentic sports machine through its paces is the perfect start. Imagine getting behind the wheel of a fully race-bred V8 supercar, a modern supercar, a V8 Race buggy, or any number of other adrenaline-fuelled speed machines. If you need speed, we have the ultimate set of wheels to help feed your hunger. It's time to suit up, climb in and hang on with all your might. It's time to burn some rubber!

Where can I experience these incredible V8 Drives and Hot Laps?

To experience the ultimate ride, you need the top setting. With some of the country's most exciting racetracks for you to choose from, this experience goes from awesome to the extreme. Imagine yourself racing around such iconic tracks as Eastern Creek, Barbagallo Raceway, plus Queensland Raceway

What vehicles are available for me to drive or ride in?

Depending on your location, you have the opportunity to climb into- a fully race-bred V8, road Supercars such as a Lotus Exige, V8 Buggies, Racetrack Performance Cars, Modified Drifting Vehicles and Le-Mans style Racers. V8s are available as Fords and Holdens, which you choose on the day.

Why should I try this out?

If you love feeling the ultimate rush, racing around a racing circuit is one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. Feel the adrenaline-fuelled take off, the smell of the burning rubber with each gravity-defying lap, the sight of the countryside whizzing past in a near blur of pure speed. These are the perfect thrill rides for elevating your senses, with the sounds of a racing engine just the beginning.

When can I try these experiences?

The great thing is that these experiences are available to try all year round, and some continue regardless of weather conditions, the rain only adding to the fun. When it comes to driving experiences, they make the perfect gift, suitable for most age groups and any thrill-o-meter.

V8 Hot Laps and driving experiences for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or just as a thank you, with everything needed for the experience included in a convenient and perfectly wrapped-up gift.

V8 Raceways and Tracks

These are some of the nation's best.

Eastern Creek International Raceway, now named the Sydney Motorsport Park, is located 40 km west of Sydney CBD and is the only permanent raceway in Australia that boasts an FIA Grade 2 international license.

Barbagallo Raceway lies 50km north of Perth. It hosts the V8 Supercars Championship - one of the most significant sporting events in WA.

Queensland Raceway is 3.126 km long and 12 m wide, running clockwise and is an FIA Grade 3 circuit.

Norwell in Queensland offers a 2.1km motorsport playground that's halfway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. It has a leading program to develop the skills of racing drivers.

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