Yering $249
  • Vintage flying
  • Open cockpit 1930s style
  • 20 minute flight


Cressy $295
  • 1940s Tiger Moth
  • Biggles gear
  • Magnificent views


Yering $360
  • 1930s Tiger Moth
  • Authentic vintage bi-plane
  • Stunning views


Yering $540
  • 45 minute flight
  • Stunning views
  • Gentle aerobatics


Yering $600
  • Amazing views
  • 60 minute flight
  • 1930s biplane


Bankstown $647
  • Pitts Special S2A
  • See all the sights
  • Mild aerobatics to finish


Cressy $410
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • 45 minute flight
  • Views of the surrounding areas


Yering $370
  • Vintage airplane
  • Aerobatic fun
  • Yarra Valley location


Yering $660
  • Vintage Tiger Moth
  • Open cockpit thrill
  • Experienced pilot guidance


Yering $440
  • Vintage Tiger Moth
  • Biplane formation
  • Romantic adventure


Yering $1200
  • Vintage Tiger Moth
  • Authentic experience
  • Shared with friend


Yering $890
  • Simply stunning
  • 90 minute flight
  • 1930s romance


Cressy $540
  • Professional pilot
  • 60 minutes flight
  • 1940s biplane

Vintage Tiger Moths

The Tiger Moth. A gracious lady from a forgotten time. Direct from the golden age of flight comes a true relic with all the air and grace of a true icon. A vintage Tiger Moth flight is something to behold, as you step into another era. Whether flying over the gorgeous Hunter Valley, or cruising high above the world-renowned Yarra Valley, there's no denying that from the cockpit of a Tiger Moth, the world really does look very different. An open cockpit, the wind in your hair and the sound of the timeless propeller all come together for an experience like no other.

From the moment you first spot this legend of the skies and marvel at the simplicity of the frame to the iconic bi-wings, be captivated like so many before you. Climb aboard and marvel at the history as the Tiger Moth appears more beautiful than ever. Feel the anticipation as the engine roars to life and the plane gently moves towards take-off. And just as you think things can't get any more exciting, you feel the wheels leave the ground, the iconic marvel taking to the skies like a majestic bird.

It won't matter whether you're flying across the city's rooftops or high above the treetops of the country, with a tiger moth flight, the magic is in the incredible aircraft, the incredible landscape secondary to the magical flight itself. If you only ever choose one flight experience, make it a vintage Tiger Moth. It will be an experience of a lifetime and a memory you will never forget.

What To Expect on a Vintage Tiger Moth Flight

A vintage Tiger Moth flight typically lasts between 20 and 45 minutes, during which you can expect to experience the thrill of flying in an open-cockpit biplane. The Tiger Moth is a classic 1930s design, and flying in one offers a unique opportunity to experience what it was like to fly during that era. You will have a view of the surrounding scenery that is unparalleled in modern, enclosed aircraft. The flight will likely take place in the daytime, and you will likely be able to see the countryside and local landmarks from a bird's-eye view. The flight has the pilot in the rear and you in the front seat, and you'll receive a brief on the safety and flight details before take-off. Often you'll wear old regalia, such as a flight jacket and leather cap.

The Tiger Moth has a maximum speed of around 160 km/h, and a range of about 500 km. It is powered by a single de Havilland Gipsy II inline engine, which produces around 130 horsepower. The aircraft has a wingspan of 8.8 meters and is just under 7.3 meters long.

The Tiger Moth is considered to be a very stable aircraft, with responsive controls and is perfect for recreational flights.

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