Sydney Dolphin and Whale Watching

Sydney Dolphin and Whale Watching

Manly Wharf -  99


Manly Wharf $99
  • Unforgettable whale watching
  • Luxurious catamaran
  • Guaranteed front-row seat


Exmouth $250
  • Expert-guided adventure
  • Mesmerizing marine life
  • Unforgettable encounters


Exmouth $360
  • Magical Reef Snorkelling
  • Whale Shark Encounter
  • Luxurious Comfort


Augusta $165
  • Unwind with friends
  • First access
  • Uninterrupted views


Exmouth $475
  • Gentle whale shark giants
  • Complimentary bus transfers
  • Gourmet buffet lunch
Whale Shark Adventure

Whale Shark Adventure

Exmouth -  250


Exmouth $250
  • Whale shark encounter
  • Experienced guide onboard
  • Diverse sea life
Whales In Paradise Adult Pass

Whales In Paradise Adult Pass

Surfers Paradise -  79


Surfers Paradise $79
  • Cruise past the famous
  • See whales
  • 360 degree viewing


Rhyll $175
  • 4-hour Cruise
  • Undercover viewing
  • Complimentary lunch
Wilsons Prom Whale Watch

Wilsons Prom Whale Watch

Port Welshpool -  235


Port Welshpool $235
  • 6-hour cruise
  • Complimentary lunch
  • Undercover viewing


Manly Wharf $59
  • Luxurious catamaran
  • Up close viewing
  • Playful whales


Hervey Bay $120
  • World's first Whale Heritage Site
  • Up close whale encounters
  • Guaranteed sightings


Hervey Bay $60
  • Whale Heritage Site
  • Unique whale watching
  • Close whale encounters.


Ballina $129
  • Humpback Whale Journey
  • Specialist Marine Knowledge
  • Guaranteed Whale Sighting


Ballina $119
  • Aquatic whale escapade
  • Educational marine biology
  • Whale watching guarantee
Whales in Paradise Child Pass

Whales in Paradise Child Pass

Surfers Paradise -  79


Surfers Paradise $79
  • 100 percent sighting
  • Cruise past the rich
  • 360 degree viewing


Mooloolaba $129
  • Guarateed railside position
  • Small number of passengers
  • 3-hour tour


Mooloolaba $109
  • 55 foot vessel
  • Railside viewing
  • Small group numbers
Bremer Bay Orca Watching

Bremer Bay Orca Watching

Bremer Bay -  385


Bremer Bay $385
  • Its an Orca!
  • Buffet lunch and drinks
  • 8-hour voyage
Whale Watch the Big Blue Whale

Whale Watch the Big Blue Whale

Fremantle -  385


Fremantle $385
  • All day adventure
  • Incredible sized whale
  • Snacks and beverages


Fremantle $165
  • Spacious surrounds
  • Catering service
  • Early access
Augusta Whale Watch

Augusta Whale Watch

Augusta -  95


Augusta $95
  • Luxury catamaran
  • Majestic whales
  • Onboard commentary

Whale Watching

Of all the ocean visitors, none are more appealing than the largest of all. Whales bring the mystery and intrigue from the deepest parts of the ocean, giving watchers a rare glimpse into a deep and forbidden part of our world. With the perfect whale watching experience, it's time to greet these visitors of the deep and discover a rare and unique opportunity from the ocean.

Get up close and personal with a humpback whale, or killer whale. Perhaps the most elusive of all is destined to cross your bow, with the largest of all living animals on the planet making an appearance, the Blue Whale a truly epic sight to behold. Don't forget about the largest of sharks, the Whale Shark, a truly incredible sight to witness. The moment your first lay eyes on one of these magnificent creatures is one you will never forget, their sheer size and grace something truly to witness in person.

With daytrips departing from harbours across the country, you are guaranteed a front-row seat aboard the ride of your life, for a face-to-face encounter like no other. With on-board commentary from experienced scientific researchers, unique cameras and listening technology, be prepared for an up-close and personal encounter of epic proportions. Whether listening to the majestic sounds of whale song, or witnessing an awe-inspiring whale breaching the surface of the ocean, every minute of these incredible cruises will have you hooked. And when the whales have had their day in the spotlight, perhaps the rest of the sea life will draw your attention, with dolphins, turtles and other interesting marine life ready to grab your attention.

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