Yoga and Day Spa

Yoga and Day Spa

Kenthurst -  100


Kenthurst $100
  • Therapeutic yoga and Nidra
  • Gourmet lunch
  • Manage stress
Ultimate Health and Rejuvenation

Ultimate Health and Rejuvenation

Kenthurst -  1345


Kenthurst $1345
  • Customised program
  • Therapeutic yoga
  • Vegetarian lunches


Melbourne $175
  • Yoga expertise
  • Personalised instruction
  • Hatha specialisation


Sydney $175
  • Yoga proficiency
  • Personalised instruction
  • Hatha gateway

Take time to RELAX

The world has never been more hectic than it is right now. With life feeling as if it's on rails, blasting through your day with ever-increasing speed, take the time to relax, unwind and reclaim your sanity. With yoga and meditation, it's time to unshackle yourself from the stresses of the day and rediscover the healthy balance of harmony and life.

With a long history spanning more than 5,000 years, Yoga is the perfect partner to anyone craving to recenter themselves, develop a spiritual balance with their mind and body, and learn to reset for a more relaxing existence. With its vast Indian heritage, Yoga has quickly built itself into a world-wide phenomenon for regulating your higher consciousness within you.

Meditation is the ideal partner to Yoga, with a history spanning 7,000 years, developing across the continents with ferocious popularity. The calming nature of meditation is the perfect ingredient to reclaim your sanity and refocus yourself. It is time to let go of the stresses of your life, to bring your mind, body and spirit into line and rediscover the holistic inner peace that lies so close to you. Find the perfect setting to rejuvenate your inner soul, with treatments to feed the spirit. Bushwalks, pools, saunas and spas. Enjoy treatments, massages and various natural therapies, for a complete package of rejuvenation. Yoga and meditation have never sounded this good before and now is the perfect time to treat yourself to the ultimate soul replenishing experience.

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